Take the hate crime survey today

Hate Free Colorado is conducting a survey to better understand hate crimes and bias-motivated incidents in Colorado. The results will be used to develop the most effective response and prevention strategies to combat hate crimes.

Your responses will be anonymous and kept completely confidential. While we will report on the aggregate results of the survey, your privacy will be respected, and personal information not shared with outside parties.


Hate Free Colorado was established in 2017 and is a diverse group of community partners who are dedicated to countering hate crimes in Colorado. The coalition currently has 18 members from a variety of civil rights and advocacy organizations in Colorado, as well as seven law enforcement partners.


The purpose of the Coalition is to develop collaborative strategies and programs to respond to incidents of hate, educate the community on the impact of hate crimes and hate crimes laws, increase reporting of hate crimes, develop strategies to prevent hate crimes and incidents of hate, and promote the safety of vulnerable populations and the community at large.

what is a hate crime?

A hate crime targets an individual, institution or property because of race, color, ancestry, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation. Hate crimes such as a bias motivated assault typically carry a stiffer penalty than an assault without the bias component. Read Colorado’s hate crime law here.


Hate crimes are meant to scare, intimidate or humiliate the target. They have an impact that lingers and extends beyond the specific victim. They make members of minority communities fearful, angry and suspicious, and raise tensions that can divide and polarize neighborhoods, towns and cities.

hate free colorado partners

American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado

Anti-Defamation League Mountain States Region

Asian Pacific Development Center

The Center on Colfax

Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy & Research Organization

Colorado Sikhs

Colorado Resilience Collaborative

Interfaith Alliance of Colorado

Matthew Shepard Foundation

Meet the Middle East

Multicultural Mosaic Foundation

Aurora Branch

CO-MT-Wyoming State Conference

One Colorado

Out Boulder

Partnership for Community Action

Law Enforcement partners

Boulder County District Attorney’s Office – 20th Judicial District

Boulder Police Department

Colorado Attorney General’s Office

Denver Police Department

Denver District Attorney’s Office – 2nd Judicial District

FBI – Denver Field Office

Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office – 1st Judicial District